Did you miss Toronto Subaru Club’s Hyper Meet 2014? I did.

Check out this video for a glimpse into this fun-filled family event! On August 17th, hundreds of Subaru enthusiasts (and their Subies) made their way to Subaru Canada’s headquarters to join in on all the excitement of this year’s TSC Hyper Meet. Some of the attractions included a show and shine event, R/C car racing, interactive games, live music and many activities for children.

Each year, the Hyper Meet raises funds for Ronald McDonald House Toronto (RMH), and this year over 600 attendees raised $18,000. Subaru Canada applauded this charitable effort by matching the donation dollar for dollar, allowing us to contribute $36,000 to RMH.

Everyone is always welcome, so if you like what you see, check back with us early August 2015 at http://www.facebook.com/SubaruCanada for dates and details of next year’s event!

Source: SubaruCanada

2015 STI Rear Differential Leak

Now this can’t be good. My 2015 STI is only 5 months old and the rear diff is already experiencing a leak. Thanks to Jason @ Apex Auto for catching this and letting me know right away. It’s not a biggie since this will definitely be covered under warranty.

2014-09-08 17.46.51 2014-09-08 17.46.42

Subaru’s fix…torque all bolts, ‘complete’ re-test of system = all  systems OK.

Let’s hope this last.

2014-09-10 16.55.41

2015 WRX STI – The Experts React

Before the 2015 WRX STI hit the streets, Subaru made sure it received the nod of approval from industry experts and pro drivers. See Laguna Seca track footage and get driving impressions from the likes of Subaru Rally Team Drivers Bucky Lasek and David Higgins, Ian Armstrong of COBB Tuning, Martin Musial of AMS Performance, Tony Barber of Turn In Concepts, Butch Eccles of ScoobyTuner, Travis Barnes of Snail Performance, and Gary Castillo of Design Craft Fabrication.

Hear their comments on the remarkable track-day performance of the STI, made possible by its stiffened chassis, enhanced handling, and Active Torque Vectoring.

2015 STI Spacer Options

The STI’s BBS wheels in stock form, not just the 2015s, can be improved by adding 15, 20 or 25mm spacers.

These spacers generally feature a ‘perfect fit’ hub-centric design that makes the spacer function as a precise extension of the axle hub. Fill that gap by adding spacers thus widening or pushing the wheels out a little  can really improve the overall look of your car.

There are a few options available from various manufacturers currently in the market. Price range is from $250 to 320 for a full set (4 spacers). See below.

ISC 15mm or 25mm Spacers from SubiSpeed
$137 – sold in pairs.
$274 for a full set.

Perrin 15mm or 20mm Spacers
$160 – sold in pairs.
$320 for a full set.
* Same product sold at SubiSpeed at $144 for a pair or $288 for a full set.

*BEST DEAL* Grapple 15mm or 20mm Spacers
$250 for a full set.

Grapple seems to have the best deal that I’ve seen so far and from the looks of it they are quite new to the market. Definitely check them out!